(01) Arizona MG Club Membership (New Membership)


(01)  Arizona MG Club Membership (New Membership) 01

Includes one name badge, monthly "Morris Gazette" newsletter via email, and holiday party for member and co-driver. Additional name badge may be ordered separately.

Roster Consent: The membership roster is confidential and shall not be shared outside of the membership of the Arizona MG Club. The roster shall not be used for any purpose other than personal communications between club members. If any member is found to have shared the list outside of the club, used the list to solicit any form of business (buying or selling), or is identified as using the list for purposes of spam email, the Board of Directors will declare the conduct of the member inappropriate and the member will forfeit his/her membership in the Arizona MG Club.

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Roster Consent I consent to the release of my contact and car info in a club roster that only other club members can view. (0) I wish for my contact and car info to remain private. (0)